Join The Worldwide Meditation

Please join us for an Worldwide Meditation 🙏 on Sunday, 6/11/2017 .
The Meditation will be focused on world peace, love and compassion. 💗🌎 We are all one, we are human, one race, one love. But lately it seems people are forgetting that. Let's bring unity through our online community by meditating as one at 12:00 pm pacific standard time this up coming Sunday. Join in by meditating from wherever you are located. .

👉Are you in? Comment yes below, share where you are located & join us in spreading the love by reposting the invitation. When you repost the invite, add your name to the list! 😀

Use the hashtag 👉#worldwidemeditation611 on Instagram & let's see how many join in together! Follow me for more updates on the meditation on my photo here. 

Meditation Tips:
1) Make a sacred area or find a peaceful place. You may chose to light a candle, burn some incense, clear with sage, set an intention, bless your space, or any preparations you are drawn to. Cleansed, charged quartz crystals will boost your auric field & increase the strength of your intentions/meditation.

2) If you'd like, play peaceful music or you may sit in silence.
3) Sit in a comfortable position, on a chair with your hands in your lap, or on the floor in lotus or cross legged position.
4) Focus on your breath. Breathe in, breathe out, breathe in, breathe out. Notice your breathing
5) Count up from 1 to 10, hold the breath for a few seconds and count down 10 to 1, or whatever number suites you.
6) Once you've connected in with the peaceful energy, emit love & send love, peace, compassion and positive blessings out to your family, friends, community, city, state, region, country and the world.
7) Rest in the loving energy that surrounds you. When you are done, slowly come out of the meditation and close your sacred space. This is done with intention. There is no right or wrong way. Follow your inner guidance and do what comes naturally

Om, Shanti Shanti. 
Namaste ॐ

På Instagram har jeg en serie med #JoinTheMeditationMovement hvor jeg tar opp ulike teknikker som du lett kan bruke i hverdagen for indre ro og balanse etter en stressfull dag. Og koble bevisstheten til ditt energifelt vil virke rensende på chakra feltene i kroppen som vil åpne seg for deg. Jeg har akkurat startet en KundaliniYoga Utdannelse som kommer til og gå over to år. Her vil jeg dele med meg teknikker, tanker og teori. Om du har lyst kan du og følge meg på Instagram, der har jeg en egen hashtag for min utdannelse hvor jeg deler med meg litt av det vi går igjennom i undervisningene.

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