Dont Judge Yourself

Don`t judge yourself to quickly. 

We spend most of our life judging and critizising ourselves way to much. We need to stop that now and be more diciplined with our minds. Who is the master and who is the slave? Have you ever asked yourself that before? Who is in control of your thoughts? Did you know that you actually are the master of how you perceive your thoughts? My post today is about self love, self acceptance and to stop critizising yourself, as I already know you do. 

let me begin by telling you something personal, I have struggled with social anxiety for a couple of years, its been a struggle and it still is. My thoughts has been a rollercoaster where I did`nt believe in the power of change. This year I became a Buddhist taking refuge in the tree jewels. The Buddha, Dharma and Sangha. I will write more about that in a later post. And since last year I have started my Kundalini Yoga Teacher education in Stockholm, which has been a life saver. My ultimate dream come true. And this did`nt just come by itself, it took hard work. Especially I had to take care of my self-worth. I had to stop critizising myself that I was not worth a life of happiness. I had to confront my thoughts that had hurt me for a long period of years. I desperately needed change, now!

Your Thoughts Sculpt Your Brain
We are in total control of our whole mindset. Thoughts have a tremendous effect on our nervous system. In Kundalini Yoga class our teacher showed us an exercise that will help you understand how thought impact your mind, which easily could be done at home. She read out loud a few words, some negative and others positive. Our practise was to meditate and reflect upon the sensations and how we perceived these words. Words are sound that carry frequensies and this alter the state of our mind and our wellbeing. I have made a list with a few positive words, give each word a couple of breaths to reflect in. Sit in a comfertable position, burn a candle by your side, find your paper and your pen if you need to jot down a couple of lines after or if you have a meditation diary that is wonderful to keep track of your thoughts and development. Cover yourself with a blanket if you are cold. It`s important that you feel safe and comfertable. Easy pose (Sukhasana) or lotus pose is the recommended posture for sitting when in meditative practice. If sitting in this particular posture brings pain to your body, find a chair or sit as comfertably you can while practising.

Sukhasana comes from the Sanskrit work Sukham, which can mean, comfort , easy, joyful, pleasure, etc. Sukhasana can be done by all age groups.

Instructions: Focus is on the third eye.

1) Sit in Sukhasana, also called easy pose. Close your eyes.
2) Rest your hands on your knees. 
3) Sit in a upright position where your spine is straight. Imagine an invisible thread is lifted up from your head 
5) Bring your attention inward, start with a long deep breath in. 
6) Hold for a couple of seconds. 
7) Exhale fully. 
8) Repeat the pranayam (breathing excersises) 

Breathe in, hold, then exhale fully. 

9) Read the note with the positive and negative frequensies in turn. Let each word marinate in mind, giving it some attention. Follow the steps in the instructions. 


After you have done the meditation I want you to think about how you felt: 

Emotionally, Physically and Mentally while you thought about these words. 
Did these words bring up new words, thoughts, emotions or specific sensations in your body? 
How do did you feel about the positive affirmation versus the negative words? 

I would love to hear your comments down below, follow me on my blog so you receive updates when I post here.

Om, Shanti Shanti. 
Namaste ॐ

On my Instagram account I have a series of meditations #JoinTheMeditationMovement that you can use to find an inner balance and peace after a stressful day. I`m also studying Kundalini Yoga to become a teacher, you can follow my Journey To Self on Instagram as well under the hashtag #Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training _ Metta Yoga

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