Meditation to Stabilize Your Mind

Meditation To Stabilize Your Mind - Kundalini Yoga


"Kundalini Yoga is the science to unite the finite with infinity, and its the art to experience Inifinity in the finite" - Yogi Bhajan. 

I made this Meditation for you to try today. it is to Stabilize Your Mind, changing negative habits and giving you a fundemental firmness. It gives you a new personality. You can try this meditation if you need to stabilize your mind. Everyone wants to have a good life, healthy mind and a happy life. And everything starts with the mind. Is your mind stable, in balance and clear? This Kundalini Kriya will adjust your chakras and make the spinal fluid go up to cure the brain that is your coordinator. It will open up your heart center, the navel center and the third eye, so you can be who you truly are. 

Now lets begin with the Meditation to Stabilize Your Mind, Instructions are as follows:

Sit in a cross-legged position. Padmasana also called Lotus pose. 

The Asana is said to resemble a lotus flower, to encourage breathing properly through associated meditative practice, and to foster physical stability. 

NB: Be careful with your knees when entering into this particular pose. It may for some be very uncomfertable when knees are the issue of challenge. Try to find a position, you can also sit on a chair if this is to painful. For me its wonderful since I have learnt the basic sitting postures at my school. In a later post I will make a more detailed recipe for how to sit properly.  

When you struggle to do a meditation, that is the most wonderful day to practise meditation. 

Interlock the hands behind the neck with the elbows stretched back. Hands should be in a prayer pose but behind your neck instead. try to focus on raising your chest area so your lungs can get as much oxygen as possible in this asana. The pelvis is tilted a little forward to help straighten the spine even more. The neck lock should also be applied which is a lightly drawn back chin. When lifting your hands try to notice where your shoulders are, are they raised as you are stressed? or are they relaxed. In this pose we relax our shoulders to not put additional strain to the neck. 


Eyes are closed to put attention inward and on the mantra in which I am going to tell you more about. In Yoga everything is directed inward, Yoga means to unite the body, the mind and the spirit. As we go through our day to day life we need to remember to unite ourself to bring ultimate balance back to your mind. 

4) Rhytmically chant the mantra "Har, Har, Har, Har (The song which is used for this particular Meditation is Tantric har by Simran Kaur and Guru Prem Singh)

5) Pull in the navel and stretch the elbows back on each Har. 

6) You flow with the movement of bringing your elbows in front then all the way, as a clapping motion.

7) Open your chakras

Continue the Kriya for 11 minutes. What is interesting about the Science of Breath is that it is closely linked with heaps of benefits when using pranayama correctly. I will try to explain what happens in the body when practicing breath excercies. For example, within three minutes of meditation our circulation and blood pressure change. At five minutes, our breathing changes.  By eleven minutes, there is a change in our glandular system, our so-called nerves which create stress and increase cortisol in our bodies, and our cortisol level decreases. 

When our cortisol level is decreased so is our stress levels. You will definately feel an effect in the end. 

To end, inhale deeply, hold and stretch your spine as long as you can. Open up your Heart Center, lift at the ribs and elongate your spine even more by doing this stretch.

10) Exhale. Repeat the stretch 2 more times. 

Now its time to relax in Shavasana (Corpse Pose) Just lie on your back completely relaxed. Try to let go of everything, the sensations in your body, be totally at ease with letting the natural breath come back to you. You can set a timer and relax for 5-15 minutes. 

Your palms are facing up to the sun next to your waist. The head is tilted a little forward so you can deepen your relaxation and take in more oxygen in your lungs. Your feet are separated at waist width. 

To come out of the relaxation pose you start with coming back to your breath.  As you have been relaxing and releasing tension your breath has also changed its tone and vibration. Its more calm and you have become more calm yourself. There is a total body-awareness at this point and you start with these few steps to come out of the asana. 

a) begin with making yourself aware of the breath. Coming back to your body. Breath deeply. Inhale and exhale deeply.
b) now to shift your focus to your hands, start moving them very lightly and also your toes. 
c) start making circles of your wrist in a clockwise direction, your feet also. Then the oppsosite direction. 
d) Stretch your hands over your head and elongate your spine and the whole body, stretch the toes so they point straight forward. Let out a little aah* to release the stiffness in your body up until now. 
e) now its catstretch, you start with laying on your back and twist your body to either side. Lets start with the left side, your right knee touches the floor and your left hand holds the knee in place. Your left leg is straightened underneath the right knee which lays on top. The right hand is straightened out to the right while half of your body is faced to the left. To get deeper into the catstretch you twist your head to the right as well and focus on your right hand. <

Let me show you a photo so you can better understand the basics of this pose. 


The moment you decide to be you, that moment nothing in life can make you unhappy. 


Om, Shanti Shanti. 
Namaste ॐ

On my Instagram account I have a series of meditations #JoinTheMeditationMovement that you can use to find an inner balance and peace after a stressful day. I`m also studying Kundalini Yoga to become a teacher, you can follow my Journey To Self on Instagram as well under the hashtag #Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training _ Metta Yoga

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